When you are going through a home remodeling project or a home construction, you will have so many choices to make regarding the materials used during the construction. Homeowners often focus on the exterior of their home, because they are worried about the curb appeal of the property, but they should spend more time focusing on what is going on inside the exterior. It is the material used to build a home that will determine its long-term value.


One of the reasons you should take your time in selecting a material for building a home’s foundation is because your material choice will determine the state of your home in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. Homes that are built on flimsy grounds are going to present plenty of problems in the future. In contrast, homes built with the best materials can last for a very long time. Some homes have been around for 100 years and they are still in great shape – save for a few aesthetic improvements on the inside and outside.


Many experts believe that choosing concrete blocks is the way to go if you want to renovate or construct a home. Here are some pros and cons of using concrete blocks –


Concrete blocks are perfect for a home’s foundation and basement walls. They are stronger than using poured concrete, especially if you want your home to last for a very long time. Even if you are adding partition walls to make one big room into two smaller rooms, you can get the job done quickly, efficiently and reliably with concrete blocks. These blocks also give your home a lot more insulation than wood or other foundation materials.


One of the downsides to using concrete blocks is the basic look you are getting. Homes that are concrete on the outside look like office buildings from 30 years ago or factory buildings. Concrete is fantastic for your home’s foundation, but you do not want it on the outside. Using concrete also means applying stucco or a similar siding on the outside to improve the overall aesthetics of the property.



September 2022